letter to father asking him to engage a tutor for you

 Let's say that you are a student. You feel difficulty in one or more subjects. You actually need a private tutor for those subjects. So how will you convince your parents or guardian to engage a private tutor for you?

This is a sample letter or email from a son to his father on this topic. You can use this letter as from brother to elder brother or from son to mother etc. You can change the sender and the receiver of the letter as you wish.

Letter to father to convince him to engage a tutor for you

Please note that the content of the post is free to use anywhere. You can copy exactly this content and write a letter to any of your relatives to convince him to hire a private tutor for you.

So, let us start our letter below.

Letter to father asking him to hire a private tutor for you


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Dear father,

This is the age of competition. I have been a good performer at middle school. I have been securing a position in every term exams.

Now I am at high school pursuing my educational career. I am good at mathematics you know. I performed 100% in my maths papers. But I have little interest in biology. So, here at high school, there is a complete subject of biology with full credit.

The concepts are very complex. Our biology teacher is a good person. He answers every question the students ask. But I could not understand this subject as much. I have tried my best to learn the concepts at school but I could not develop a complete understanding of the subject during my class period.

I am afraid that I won't be able to perform well in this subject in the final term exams. It will affect my total in the exams. I feel an acute need for special attention to this subject. So, I request you to engage a biology tutor for me.

I assure you that you will reap the fruit of what you invest in my education. I am a responsible student you know. So, I will try my best to take full advantage of my private tutor. It will help me get a good position in the final term exams.

I hope you understand. I am expecting a positive response from you. Please do it as soon as possible as I do not want to lose more time.

Your son,
Your name goes here


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