Letters to Relatives Samples

More Examples of Personal Letters 

Here is a list of all personal letters written to relatives. letters to uncles, letters to father, letters to mother, letters to sister, letters to brother, letter to cousin etc. There are all letters listed here. Download in PDF or study online.

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List of Personal Letters Examples

Here are some informal letters for you to read:

Letters to Relatives

  • Letter to your mother about your safe arrival
  • letter to your father to engage you a tutor 
  • Letter to your father explaining the cause of failure in exams 
  • Write a letter to your father for the permission of a holiday trip 
  • Letter to your father describing the first-day experience at school 
  • Letter to your father telling him about your new friend 
  • Letter to your mother about your progress in your studies 
  • Letter to your mother about your preparation for final exams 
  • Letter to your mother complaining about food served in the hostel 
  • Letter to your elder brother about your expectations in the examination 
  • Letter to your elder brother on his recovery from the illness. 
  • Letter to your sister with a beautiful gift on Eid 
  • Letter to your sister giving home news 
  • Letter of apology for delaying in reply 
  • Letter to your cousin thanking her for the birthday present 
  • Write a letter to your younger brother giving advice on the choice of profession
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Letter to Principals and Editors

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