Letter to father explaining the cause of failure in exams

 This letter can be written by a daughter to her father or by a son to his father. The same letter can be written by a son to his mother or by a daughter to her mother. The purpose is to explain why you failed in the exams.

Letter to father explaining why you failed in exams

The context of the letter is a failed student writes this letter to his parents explaining the cause of failure. He/she gives reasons for poor performance and tries to satisfy his/her parents. So, this is only an example letter to give you an idea of how you can start and proceed.

You can use this letter template to write on why you could not perform well in school exams. Why you could not do well in annual exams at school etc.

Letter to mother/father explaining the poor performance


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Dear Father!

I am sorry to inform you that I could not perform well in my end term exams at college. I failed in English and got 343 marks overall from a total of 550 marks. Unfortunately, that's what I have to share with you.

Dear father! I know it will be bad news for you. You had high expectations of me. Please forgive me for breaking your heart. But let me explain how all this happened in a natural way.

Our English teacher changed just before the midterm exams. I could not develop much understanding of the new teacher when the final term approached. I had good preparation of all other subjects. Yet the result is contrary to my own expectations. It is because the new paper pattern was revealed just a few days before exams.

50% of the questions were conceptual questions. So, it affected the overall result of the college too. Moreover, I had some health issues during the exams. I could not prepare well. Anyhow, I was not expecting a too bad result. Perhaps the marking policy of the board has changed.

ٰWhat was to happen happened. It opened my eyes. I have set my priorities now. It gave me new energy. I will try to make up for this shortfall next year۔ I assure you that I will turn no stone unturned to get a high 1st division in final term exams.

I hope you give me a chance with an open heart. 

Your son/daughter

[you name goes here]


I hope you liked this letter. You can make this letter short or long according to your need. You can skip some sentences to make it shorter.

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