Letter to mother about your first day at college / school

 Suppose you have joined a new college or a new school. You may want to describe your feelings and first impression of your new school or college. It is usually the first day of college which gives you a first impression. So, this letter helps you in writing about your first impression about new school and college.

Letter to father about your first impression about the 1st-day experience at school

So, now you can understand how you feel on your first day at school. The first day at college is a special one. So, you may feel excited or you may feel bad. Because you already made a picture of your new college. The picture can change into reality on your first day.

The letter is an example, you can change it according to your own needs.

Letter to father / Mother about 1st day of college


Examination Hall,

City name,


Dear Father/Mother!

Finally got time to write to you. It was a busy day and I could not find time to write to you earlier. I am here in my boarding room. Today was our first day at the new school. The day was totally amazing. I could not imagine such nice and latest infrastructure.

It is a good school with the latest equipment. The staff is very professional and cooperative. The school has a big playground. There are a fantastic computer-lab and an amazing science lab. I was surprised to see the discipline of the school.

Everything is being done in a professional way. I think it was the best choice for me. They have a student affairs committee that addresses students' problems. They also take individual problems seriously. 

Classrooms are spacious, neat, and airy, equipped with overhead projectors and big LED displays. Comfortable chairs are present for students. I think I will really enjoy my learning here.

Overall, this is a good school will all the latest facilities. They have strict rules and regulations. Everything is just perfect. I really liked the school. I had a good interaction with my fellow students. They are very cooperative and belong to nice families.

Now it is evening, I am tired and want to sleep. Thanks for letting me join this grand school.

Your son,



I have tried to given you a good letter. But no one is perfect. let me take your suggestions in the comments.

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