Letter to father about your new friend

 When admitted to a new school, children make new friends. Some of them become your best friends. So, this letter will show you how to write a letter to any of your relatives like a sister, brother, uncle, father or mother to tell him/her about your new friend.

Letter about your new best friend at school

Here in this letter, a student describes his/her best friend to his/her parents or other relatives. This letter could be written to father, to mother, to a sister or to brother. it fits anywhere.

Letter to father / mother about your new best friend





Dear Father!

I hope this letter finds you in the best health and spirits. I am happy and healthy here. Sorry for the late reply. My classes have started regularly and we have been given the term syllabus. Our midterm exams will hold after two months.

I am feeling comfortable here at the boarding house. One of my roommates is also my class fellow. We have the same section too. His name is Numan Javed. He is a tall, healthy, and simple boy. He is honest and cooperative. He helped me in getting my library card and health card. 

He is from Okara. He belongs to a middle-class family. We go out for a morning walk together. He is a genius guy. He helps me in my studies too. He has sound knowledge of the world's history. He often tells me historical events.

I am okey here. You need not worry about me. I feel at home here.

Your son,



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