letter to father for permission of educational tour

 Here is a sample letter written to the father to seek permission for an educational tour of your school or college. The students often have to attach a permission letter from parents to the school tour application. So, this letter will help you in your request to your father to allow you to go on your school trip.

Letter to father for permission of joining college/school tour

Now the following letter illustrates how you will write a letter to your father if you want to go on your college/school trip. Your school has arranged a school tour to a historic place and you want to join that group. You have to write a letter to your father to get permission for that education tour.

Letter to father asking him to allow you to join the educational tour


Examination hall [this is your address]

City [ the name of your city]


Dear Father!

Our term exams are over. I performed well in the exams. I hope to get a high position in the class. I am fully satisfied with my persormance. I will soon give you good news when the result is out after two weeks.

Father! our school has arranged an educational tour next Saturday. Some of my class fellows will go on this tour. Two school buses have been arranged. Our school staff is also going along. They will be visiting Jahangir Tomb, Shahi Mosque, Shalimar garden, and Lahore Museum in this one day tour. 

I request you to allow me to join this tour. It will be a very informative tour. I want to see the historical monuments and the things from the past. It will cost Rs 1500 only. I assure you that I will be careful in my expenses and travel.

Please sign the attached permission letter by the school and send it to me as soon as possible. I hope you will let me seize this opportunity to explore the real world.

Thanking you in advance!

Your son,



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