Letter to mother about your progess in studies

 This letter has been written by a son to his mother/father. In this letter, the son has informed his mother or father about his performance in the examination. The son has given overall progress in his studies.

Letter to mother about your Progress in Studies

Being a son, you have to write to your parents telling them about your studies. You share your educational performance. You also inform your parents about your performance in the last exams telling them the result.

This sample letter is the best example of how you will write to your mother or father about your educational progress and performance. So, please modify it according to your needs.

Letter to mother telling about your performance in the examination

The letter startes below.


Examination hall (you write your address here)

City A.B.C


Dear Mother!

Thanks for your love and concern you showed in your recent letter. I am ok here doing things well. I could not reply soon due to my midterm exams. Today was our last paper. I have just finished my lunch now. Now I am free for 5 days before the new classes start on next Monday.

Dear Mother! my performance in the midterm exams was outstanding. The papers were quite easy. I attempted all papers well and I hope to get more than 90% marks in all subjects. I hope to top the class this time too.

I give proper time to my books and syllabus. I do not waste time. I am very careful about my educational career. I will try my best to win the gold medal in the final exams. I do not compromise upon my health.

I spend most of the time in the library preparing notes. All my class-fellows use my notes for preparation for exams. My teachers encourage me in my studies. I will be taking part in an in-house sports camp starting tomorrow. It will be a nice way to spend this five-day free time.

I miss all of you here. Please say my compliments to Fahad and Nimra. Love for Papa!

Your son,



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