Essay on Curbing Child Abuse in Pakistan with quotations

 If you want to download smart syllabus English essays for 2nd year students, do it here. Another way to get all the essays is to copy them to a new document file. So, this is an essay written "Curbing Child abuse" for 2nd year class 12. This essay has been written in the context of Pakistan. This topic is present in the English smart syllabus of class 12 for 2021 exams.

English essay on Curbing Child Abuse for 2nd year

Although the essay is for 2nd year class 12, yet is equally fit for BA and Associate Degree students. It is also the best length for class 10 students. It can be used in the context of other countries with similar conditions. The outline of the essay is given and quotations are included.

English essay on curbing child abuse in Pakistan for 2nd year class 12 2021

Child abuse essay with quotations


1. What is child abuses

2. Different forms of child abuse

3. Child abuse in Pakistan

4. Curbing the child abuse

5. Govt laws

6. Role of parents and society

7. Conclusion


When the gates of mockery and abuse is opened, the heart becomes a shock absorber ― Ikechukwu Izuakor
Child abuse is one of the growing challenges facing modern society today. It ranges from emotional to psychological to physical forms of abuse. 

The definition of child abuse befits any activity in which a child is psychologically manipulated for an evil purpose or physically injured. Most of the time, this term refers to the sexual violence against children in which a child is harassed, molested or raped. 

World Health Organization reports that in 2014 more than one billion children were abused globally. Psychologists have figured out multiple causes of child abuse. 
Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime - Herbet Ward
It is seen that abusers in most of the cases are themselves earlier victims of this act. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological illness that causes emotions of anger, aggression and rage in the human mind. This illness might only be the force to move an abuser. Abusers are seen to have bad martial and domestic relationships. 
How do you forgive the people who are supposed to protect you? ― Courtney Summers
In Pakistan, according to the Tribune, eight children in Pakistan are abused on average every day. This ratio is growing and is parallel to the emotional and psychological abuse happening. 

Steps are being taken nationwide to ensure the protection of children against child abusers. Experts recommend that parents can a central role in guarding their children. Parents should take care of their children. They should not leave their child with any stranger or an even elder relative. They should develop an interactive relationship with the child so nothing about the child remains hidden. The education system should also initiate courses based on sex education to promote instructive awareness among the children. 
If you say there is no such thing as morality in absolute terms, then child abuse is not evil, it just may not happen to be your thing.― Rebecca Manley Pippert
Children should be taught self-defense courses in order to survive abuse attempts. The criminalization of child abuse of all forms should be ensured. Strict legal action should be taken against the abusers. The certainty of punishment should be increased. 

Social authorities should try to foster love for children among its inhabitants. There is a need to monitor the psychological condition of a child as well. Although this has been becoming a huge challenge for society, it can be dealt with by thinking wisely and acting efficiently.

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