Letter to friend suffering from serious illness

Write a letter to your friend who is suffering from a serious illness. Suppose your friend has been suffering from a serious disease like cancer or malaria etc. Write a consoling letter to your sick friend suffering from a disease. This letter is basically an encouragement message to your friend.

Letter to a friend suffering from illness

84-Gulshan Jinnah,
December 12, 2019

Dear Saima,

I just heard about your medical tests reports. I have come to know that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked to hear about that.  I could not believe it first. Then I was clarified by Amina. It is really a bad disease but it is curable now. Thank God it has been diagnosed at an early stage. It is 100% curable at this stage. The treatment may involve some radiation or surgery or the combination of both.

I have heard that you plan to come to Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore for the treatment. That is really a good idea. Come as soon ass possible. Never take it to your heart. It is still in early stage and is 100 % curable. It is not dangerous till 2nd stage. I Like to express my sympathy and most earnest good wishes for your speedy recovery. I pray to God from the core of my heart for your health.

Pay my regards to aunt and uncle. Write to me about your plans for your Lahore visit.

Yours sincerely,
Ammara Chaudhary

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