Personal Letters written to relatives and friends

Oct 31, 2018

Personal Letters written to relatives and friends

Examples of Personal Letters 

Here is a list of all personal letter written to relatives. These letters are informal letters. These letters are written to friends and family members and have informal and causal language and tone.

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List of Personal Letters Examples

Here are some informal letters for you to read:
  1. Letter to your friend to lend a camera
  2. letter to your friend for the loan of a bicycle
  3. letter to your friend for the loan of a watch
  4. Letter to your friend on his failure in the examination
  5. Letter to a friend who is suffering from a serious illness
  6. Letter to your friend, congratulating him on his recovery from a long illness
  7. Letter to your friend inviting him to join a picnic
  8. Letter to a friend about the change of address
  9. Letter to your friend about your sister's sudden marriage
  10. Letter to a friend inviting him to a tea party.
  11.  Letter to your friend to tell him that you miss him
  12. Letter to a friend advising him to take part in games
  13. Letter to a friend for the loan of money
  14. Letter to your friend who had met an accident
  15. Letter to the friend inviting him to your sister's wedding

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