My Village Short Essay

This is a short paragraph on 'My Village' for primary classes students. This a brief and short essay on 'My Village' for the students of class 2 or three. You can teach this short English paragraph to primary level students. This is my village. Its name is Sultan Wala.

My village Short Essay

This is my village. Its name is Sultan Wala. It is situated 2o km to the south of the Town Lahore. My village has a high school. There is a dispensary in the heart of the village. Farming is the main profession of the people. Wheat and rice are the major crops of my village. There is a cricket ground in my village. The road to my village is carpeted.  People are friendly and hospitable. A stream flows near my village. People wash and bath in the stream water. I am happy here. I love my village.

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