Importance of traffic rules essay in English

 Here is a short and long essay on the importance of traffic rules. Now this essay includes quotes and quotations for College students and secondary school students. The context for the essay is for students of college, secondary school and High secondary school.

Traffic Rules and Regulations - English essay

This is English essay on the importance of traffic Rules and regulations. The essay with quotations and outlines in given below.

Importance of Traffic Rules and Regulations


1. Introduction

2. Types of traffic Rules

3. Importance of traffic rules

4. Responsibility of Public

5. Responsibility of Traffic Police

6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Traffic Rules and regulations are set pattens of tavelling on the roads. These rules are considered valid and approved ways of being safe on the road.

So, traffic rules and regulations include all traffic signs, signals, and road safety measures. 

2. Types of traffic rules

There are two major types of rules and regulations. The one is traffic signs and signals. These are displayed on the roads which convey a certain message to the drivers. 

These are usually universally recognized symbols which tell the drivers what to do and how to drive on a certain road or in a particular area.

The other type of traffic rules include witten instructions on traffic laws in various countries. These rules may differ from country to country.

3. Importance of traffic rules

Traffic rules and regulations are for the safety of the public. In cities, where there is great rush on roads, traffic rules and regulations should be followed strictly. If there were no traffic rules and regulations, then there should be severe danger to the lives of people. A lot of accidents are avoided by following the traffic rules.

Traffic rules also keep the flow of the traffic steady. Otherwise there would have been long traffic jams and hundreds of severe accidents. The lives of pedestrians would be at risk. The traffic rules and regulations keep evey one safe on the roads.

4. Responsibility of public

It is the responsibility of every one to obey the traffic rules while diving or walking on the road. All drivers should follow these traffic signs. 

In order to have a U-Turn, one should do it at a specific place. It is very important for the drivers and general public to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations.

We should not do rash driving. We should follow the traffic warden if he signals us.

5. Responsibility of traffic police

If a driver does the rash diving, he gets challaned by the traffic police. Nobody is allowed to drive on the wrong side of the road.  It is the responsibility of the traffic police to guide the people in proper way. The drivers of public transport should be given proper training to obey the rules and regulations of traffic. 

The traffic can be made disciplined only with the help of the traffic rules and regulations.

6. Conclusion

Traffic rules and regulations are for the safety of all of us. We should follow these rules to save ouselves and the others on the road. Traffic signs and signals not only keep us safe but also ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the city streets.

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