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May 24, 2018

First Year Imraniat Sociology important long questions guess

First Year Sociology Important Long Questions Here is the guess of important long questions of sociology 1st year. Inter part I guess of I...
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First Year Maths guess 2018

Mathematics Guess for 1st Year 2018 This guess is for the students of the first year. This is maths guess for F.Sc, ICS Part I students. M...
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1st year Chemistry Guess 2018

F.Sc. Part II First Year Chemistry Guess 2018 here is the guess of chemistry for the first year students in all Punjab boards. The guess i...
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1st year Accounting Guess 2018

First Year Accounting Guess 2018 I.Com Part I accounting guess 2018 This guess includes part I accounting guess for the year 2018 ...
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1st Year Physical Education Guess Urdu and English Medium 2018

First Year Physical Education guess English Medium 2018 This guess includes all Punjab boards guess. The guess is for the subject physical...
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How to Write - All English Composition Tips

How to Write - All English Compositions Tips This post contains various links to other posts each describing a single type of English com...
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How to write an argumentative essay-best practices

Argumentative essay writing This post only explains how will you write an argumentative essay. If you want to learn general tips for ess...
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How to Write an Essay- Professional Tips

What is essay writing? Any prose or composition about a thing or issue may be defined as an essay. Essay writing is the most important p...
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May 23, 2018

First Year Computer Guess 2018

First Year Computer Science Guess 2018 1st year important short questions and long questions guess 2018 Here is the important question ...
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Economics Guess paper for class 11th 2018

First Year Economics Guess paper 2018 First Year economics guess paper important questions for all punjab boards. prepare the fowllowing...
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May 22, 2018

First Year Physics Guess 2018

1st Year Guess of Physics 2018 All Punjab Boards Here are the guess papers of first year Punjab boards 2018 Intermediate Part I guess ...
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1st Year Punjabi Guess Paper 2018

Here are the guess papers for Punjabi for the first year students. Please note that these guess papers is only for the first year students ...
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A Man Who was A Hospital by Jerome K. Jerome Summary and Notes

A Man Who was a Hospital Summary In this post you will find the summary of the essay. A Man Who was a Hospital Questions Notes for sec...
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Necessity is the mother of Invention- Story of a Thirsty Crow

Necessity is the mother of invention English Story with Moral Lesson Here is the story of a thirsty crow with the moral lesson "nece...
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May 21, 2018

On Destroying the Books by John C. Squire Summary and Notes

On Destroying the Books Summary On Destroying the Books Questions Notes with answers Here is the summary and complete notes of the essa...
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Three Friends and a Bag of Gold- English Story

Greed is Curse Story Three friends and a bag of the gold story with a moral lesson Here is the story of the three friends who met their...
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May 20, 2018

God Helps those Who Help themselves Short Story

God helps those who help themselves English Story Here is the Story with moral lessen God Helps those who help themselves. Se the List...
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