Letter to friend inviting him to spend holidays with you

 Here is a sample letter writtten by a friend to other friend inviting him to his home to spend summer solidays with him. The students can use this letter in exams by making simple and minor changes. The letter has been written by a friend requesting him to spend summer holidays or winter vacations with you.

Letter to a friend requesting him to spend summer vacations with you

Now the letter goes below:

Examination Halll (this is your address)

City (Name of your city here)


Dear Friend!

I am good here and I hope you will be doing well there. Our 1st term exams are going to start on Monday. After the exams, the colleges will close for the summer holidays. I have planned many things in this summer break. 

I invite you to come here for some days in the summer vacation. We will spend some time together. I have always missed your company since you migrated to Lahore. You are one on my best friends. You are the one with whom I share all my personal affairs.

I would love to spend some time with you. Moreover, the village life is peaceful. Get some time to get close to nature. We will take bath at the tubewell daily. I will wander here in fields and beautiful land of nature. Bring your camera along to take photos. My parents also want you to come. 

So, I again request you to spare some time to relish moments. We have many great memories in the village. We will visit the places and people we loved in our childhood. I hope you will come here and spend at least 10-15 days with me.

Waiting for your reply,

Yours sincerely,



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