Ozymandias poem summary pdf

This is the summary and theme of the poem Ozymandias written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelley is known for his romantic poetry. He is best known for his natural lyrics, originality and hatred for the oppression. This poem, Ozymandias, is one of his ironic poems. He has described how life ends in miseries.

Ozymandias Poem Theme

This is a beautiful ironic poem. The poet has described that pride or proud both had to come to an end. Nothing remains firm in this world. ups and downs of life are reality. The proud prince, Ozymandias has to die and his statue represents the fact that everything has to come to the ground. The statue in the poem represents the end that every cruel and proud man has to meet. It is better to love humanity rather than being cruel and contemptuous to others.

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Ozymandias poem Summary

This is an ironic poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley. In this poem, the poet has skillfully conveyed to us the message that we must be prepared for death. Death is a reality and no one can escape it. And sometimes, the end of life becomes a lesson for others.

The poet tells that he met a traveler from an ancient deserted country. The traveler told the poet about two huge, bodiless legs made of sones that he had seen standing in the desert. The body of the man was lying near broken and half sunk in the sand.

His body had the signs and impression of his cruelty and pride. He must be a proud king or a lord. The impressions on his face curved the inner state of the man. One could guess that he would have been proud and merciless.

At the pedestal of the statue, between his legs, was written that he was Ozymandias, the king of the kings. He was powerful and did great achievements. But all it resulted in despair and frustration.

Nothing, but a broken statue is now lying in the desert. All his pomp and show has vanished and his name is gone from the world. This is how we come and go from the world.

The poet leaves us with deep thoughts about what is the value of our lives. We must serve humanity so that people may remember us in their prayers.

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